Advertise With Us

We offer a unique advertising opportunity because most of our visitors arrive when they are having problems with a service, app, or website. This will allow you to specifically target those users having service difficulties and re-target them to your organization.

Traffic Highlights:

- Over one million visitors per month
- About 60% of our traffic is from USA
- Mobile traffic is ~60%
- Desktop traffic is ~40%

You can advertise on all pages on our site, or only a specific path. We are very flexible on integrations, visuals, etc. For example, maybe you want to reach customers having problems with a specific internet service provider or website hosting company and pitch them on a more reliable alternative?

Or advertise your mobile game to visitors on our site that are having issues with Xbox, PSN, etc.

We are also open to full-site sponsorships, direct banner advertisements, and we can customize the advertisement and integration for mobile and desktop visitors.

We do not sell guest posts or have any interest in selling backlinks or any other generally accepted unethical practice, so please stop asking.

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