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Rod's Bluehost Review

by Rod on 2018-02-08 19:40:32 UTC (Verified Purchase)
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I am a simple user of Bluehost.

I have a couple of websites which are not very active due to things taking me away from spending lots of time on them. But, so far, the interaction I have had with the Bluehost staff and customer support, has been really good. I have no beef.

What would be good tho, is to have a resource that can be accessed which addresses various issues that might lead a customer to contact customer support for tweaking various parameters that only can be done by Bluehost. That would be a very valuable document to have access to and provide us, the customer with a good picture of what is the scope of things which can be changed or altered if needed. This would save us time in resolving things and probably lower the amount of time required to get to the root cause of some issues. What do you think?

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