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john's HostGator Review

by john on 2018-05-28 00:13:47 UTC (Verified Purchase)
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Support took something simple and made it so painful.

The staff was always polite and responded in a reasonable amount of time.

The staff didn't understand what my concern was and in the end, they didn't meet my need. I got a different answer every step of the way. Example: they told me if there were plugins on my site that their system didn't approve of they wouldn't migrate them. When I asked them to check, they said there was no issue. Then when I gave the green light to go ahead, they named a plugin that was an issue. This was one of many communication issues. I ended up canceling the upgrade which took so much time to explain (more than one person had to be contacted.) It shouldn't be hard, it's just an upgrade from one platform to another - all in-house.

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